just in time

The weather is actually warm… we can justify t-shirts for the park… it’s sunscreen time… just when it’s time for THIS↓ kind of hat…

I finished up my first crochet bonnet for Elle.  I saw this hat for sale on Etsy and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  After looking at the picture many times I decided, ‘I can do that’.  It’s a stretch…and it very well might fall apart after one wear.  But I am very proud of my no-pattern hat.  I just really wish it was the kind of weather for me to tie it on my little elf at every opportunity.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I AM THRILLED FOR SPRING.  I just wish my hat didn’t take me all of winter to complete! At the rate of baby growth in the house, this sweet little hat will not be worn (besides this mini-photo shoot) and will instead be hung on a hook for baby #3.  Or it will just hang on that hook forevermore.


2 Comments on “just in time”

  1. Kayla Mae says:

    This is really cute D!! It fits Ellie perfectly..

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