just some smiling baby girls

I can’t tell if we look alike?!

I love this little dress!  Wonder if Jo saved it… This makes me want to save all of the girls outfits. Well, it makes me want to save everything. What if the gals want them someday?  I think we should probably invest in some kind of storage unit, Ava’s only 3 and her ‘stuff’ has taken over every room in the house.  Yikes!

I hardly remember Ava at this age…But I do remember that she was the biggest ham EVER.  We just had to hold up a camera and she’d  grin and pose until it was put away.  I do wonder where she got that from.

Elle doesn’t give us as many cheesy shots, but when she does they’re the ‘melt-your-heart’ variety.  Best pictures of her, hands down, in the bath.  This girl loves the water! We’re really hoping she also loves the sand…

Sanibel, Florida HERE WE COME (in 1 week)!!

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