one thousand gifts: ch 8

gifts: the cross, celebrations, food, laughter, family, fun, live music, messy babies, traditions, dresses, dresses, dresses!

In case you weren’t aware of this, kids make messes.  If you want them to wear an outfit more than once for say a special occasion- they will absolutely DESTROY it!  Cheers to our 3 dress Easter!

Here’s where I found the cute, awesome, easy tutorial for making these chalkboard clipboards for the ‘big’ little ones.

In the middle of this bustling Easter weekend, we managed (thanks to both of our parents) to get out 2 times without our babes.  I feel the need to include here that this meant Ava watched ‘Tangled’ 2 nights in a row… I think both sets of grandparents have now seen the movie more than Kurt and I.

And because this is the title of the post…and because you all are so graciously holding me accountable in my book club commitment:

1000 gifts book club,

Chapter 8


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