One Thousand Gifts: Chapter 10

One more chapter to go, can you believe it?
1000 gifts:

Chapter 10

Mother’s Day 2011

Look what my sweet girls and my guy did… A Target run for a card and some treats with all decisions left up to the 3 year old… this explains the Hot Pink frame (that is, according to Ava, my favorite color) and the ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Sister’ card (“but don’t worry Mom, we crossed out ‘Sister’ and wrote ‘Mom'”).
The sweetness of my breakfast in bed came in waves:
Hearing my family sneak out for an early morning Einsteins trip
 whispers in the kitchen
seeing my 3 walk in the door- breakfast tray balancing between them
the miracle that nothing spilled
the movie Ava picked out for us to watch (Beauty and the Beast)
sharing food
crumbs in the bed
A lot of hugs, snuggles and a little jumping on the bed
My girls are precious and that guy is just perfect.  On Mother’s Day this year I looked at the Daddy of my children and was inspired to embrace the beautiful way he hands over the reigns.  The way he lets them just be.  The joy that comes when you are not trying, striving, controlling…seems somehow sweeter.  Yesterday morning I felt like a queen, felt confident that I could do anything. Even let go, at least a little 😉
Some of my 1000:  Flowers that heal.  A title that feels good.  Alone time.  Spontaneity that turns into 3 new hairdos on 2 people in 1 day.  A Rapunzel braid made out of yarn.  Snuggles. AB- RIPPER- X. Mom’s who teach and encourage and inspire.  A day to give thanks. I love you’s long overdue. Genuine smiles. Truth.
“I give happy thanks for the daily mess with a smile a mile wide, because this is again my chance to wholeheartedly serve God, to do full bodied eucharisteo with the hands and the heart and the lips.  I can count each task a gift, pure eucharisteo.  Grace!  This work- the thousand endless jobs- they each give the opportunity for one to become the gift, a thousand times over!  Because with every one of the thousand, endless jobs, I become the gift to God and to others because this work is the public God serving, the daily liturgy of thanks, the completing of the communion service with my service…Here I can become the blessing, a little life that multiplies joy, making the larger world a better place. God can enter me, even me, and use these hands, these feet, to be His love, a love that goes on and on forever, endless cycle of grace.” -Ann Voskamp

One Comment on “One Thousand Gifts: Chapter 10”

  1. ryandroche says:

    love this post. love that your fam spoils you like you deserve! xo

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