oh, ya know…

Now that’s some good parenting… yelling “Ellie NO!  Off Limits!”  while balancing over her with my camera trying to get a good shot… wow.  But just so you know, immediately following this photo shoot, I dug the baby gate out of the closet…
the girls look cute… you can kind of see Ava’s new hairdo…Kurt’s wondering why we keep going out to restaurants with our two tornadoes… with Ava’s love for using public restrooms and Noelle’s latest ‘throwing’ and screaming phase, we really need to try to remember to stay at home 😉
when you are going through a “challenging phase”  and your meany parents send your favorite toys and blankets on a vacation, you are forced to befriend some of your old favorites out of the back of the closet… and then ask your mom to take a picture of you with your friends.
Summer is so close we can taste it.  We don’t even have a backyard.  Well, we do but it is NOT kid friendly.  Hot concrete, one billion rocks, no shade- but we had a summery day and we filled our mini swimming pool, put on our swimsuit and made an afternoon of it!  Any landscapers out there?  We would desperately love to give you some business to transform our yard 🙂
look at those cheeks! look at those rapidly growing two front teeth. where is our baby going?  I’ll tell you- to the land of ONE!  In T minus 12 days…

One Comment on “oh, ya know…”

  1. Paula says:

    these girlies are such cuties!! i SO LOVED finally meeting them last weekend! and that fun energy of ellie’s will drive you nuts, but will serve her well in her future! just hang on for the ride! love you – paula

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