My Big Day…

You can take the title how you will…
For the appropriate perspective you can imagine that it is Noelle’s yet to be unveiled voice presenting the blog that will outline the celebrations that surrounded her one year milestone.  OR, you can read and take this title just as it is written… MY (that’s me, Dani’s) Big Day.  Because really, who cares more about the first birthday than the mom who remembers all too clearly the events of one short year ago?  I never would have captured the significance of the first birthday until I had kids of my own.
Now, you know, I am not even a birthday person.  Could seriously do without any kind of birthday hoopla for my own day of birth.  But when my sweet soul sista sent me a gift on “my” special day last week, I was a heap (crying mess- if you were wondering).  I mean, I don’t need a gift or shout out every time one of my babies grows a year older, but that first year… it’s huge.  It’s like a combo platter of, ‘I survived’,  ‘I lost my baby weight’, ‘my baby is crawling/walking/interacting and not really a baby‘, ‘I can see the light at the end of this exhausting tunnel’, ‘I take more than one shower a week (most weeks)’!  It’s happy and sad, it’s a glimpse into how quickly life goes, how fast things change, a reminder that it won’t always be so hard and the urgent need to embrace as many of these precious moments as you can… A big thank you to the sweet heart of my friend who understood that this momma needed a long distance ‘hug’ on Elle’s day.  So, a shout out to all you mama’s on your kid’s first birthdays!
We had a delightful time celebrating One Year!
We invited up our families (that makes us 15 people big) to Pagosa Springs for Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate our Elle girl!  With permission (of course) we took over the Sorenson Cabin and the Herig’s Weekend Rental Cabin for 3 days of fun in the sun wind!  There was 4 wheeling, flower picking, trampolining, sheep shearing…
We were thrilled and so touched that everyone made the trek just to celebrate and reminisce with us!

The Birthday Girl followed right along in her Ma’s footsteps and spent most of the day fussing and crying.  Thanks again God, for pacifiers and for allowing one that matched her birthday outfit perfectly to find it’s way into our possession.  I think God has a sense of humor and gave the fashionista in me this little treasure 😉
It just wouldn’t be a party without me second guessing myself at the last minute… And I am here to say that I’m glad I did.  I hadn’t baked a cake for our gal thinking that a whoopie pie would suffice for her birthday candle-blow and sugar-high.  Morning of… that was not going to cut it.  I baked up a smash cake for our girl and with minimal tools created probably the best looking cake I have ever made.  Sorry for the very public pat on the back- but I had a proud moment. Ha.
Oh boy, were there gifts!  Clothes and a sock monkey, a barn with animals, hats, hair accessories, a helicopter. Wow!  Noelle’s favorite part? You know it, tissue paper.  Seriously, when you are trying to think of what to get a one year old. Paper. They can’t get enough.
Look at all those Daddies hiking with our girls.
This was Ava’s first hike.  Where she actually walked.  She didn’t do much walking.
No trip would be complete without those Herig boys being all buff and dangerous.  It was entertaining. No one got hurt. AND it gave us an excuse to stop, watch and snack!
Kurt and Ava- Peas in a Pod.  Their shared dream that they share daily, that they could fly.
Cousins.  So sweet. Makes me anxious for our new nephew to make his appearance. Excited to meet him and after some l-i-v-e-l-y conversations about his name— I can’t wait to hear what it will be 🙂

There was trampolining.  There was more that one anxious Mom there and more than one not-anxious Mom there.  Can you guess who was which?!
On Elle’s actual birthday, June 1st, we did just a little bit more celebrating.  It was an Einstein’s eating (anyone tried a Pretzel bagel? HEAVEN), walking practicing, gift-opening, pizza eating, park playing, movie watching kind of day.  And it was great!  Happy One Year Baby Girl.

2 Comments on “My Big Day…”

  1. ryandroche says:

    i love, love, love this. i love seeing all the pics of elle, and it makes me realize how much she’s grown since we’ve seen her last! can’t wait to come home and see you guys soon!! love you! (and thanks for the shout-out :o))

  2. Paula says:

    as usual, you nailed the “significance” of the first birthday….. beautifully put, dear. i’m so glad your girls have such amazing, loving, generous and present families. and i LOVE the “shared” dream of ava and kurt – wow! just, WOW! daddies and daughters sometimes have the most beautiful and touching connections… yay for ava and kurt! love you sweetie….. you did it!

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