i keep forgetting, sewing is really hard.

I love DIY blogs.  Love just scrolling back and back and back through previous posts on a newly stumbled upon (clicked on from Rochelle’s ‘Blogs We Love’ section) ‘craft blog’. I especially love the ones about sewing.  This is weird because I don’t know how to sew.   It is also weird because I KNOW how sewing makes me nutty.  I get frustrated and sweaty and agitated as I sit at the sewing machine and just can’t seem to get it to do the beautiful things that the blogs promise.  So, knowing that about myself, with my mom’s birthday approaching I thought I’d attempt a ‘ bookmarked sewing project’ for her?  This one seemed easy enough and like something JoJo would totally like and appreciate, so I tried it.  About 15 minutes in I realized it was NOT going to be gift-worthy.  Being as crazy as I am I decided that the craziness of not finishing the project would drive me more crazy than actually finishing it (both pretty high levels of crazy).  So I did.  At some point I just stopped trying to make it look like the blog and just tried to make sure it looked apron-ish and wouldn’t fall apart.  Though not up to quality standards for gifting my Ma, it is definitely worthy of me sporting while I bake!  I’ve never owned an apron and kinda like the look… But next time I have an apron urge I think I’ll just head out to Anthropologie 😉

3 Comments on “i keep forgetting, sewing is really hard.”

  1. Becky Marshall says:

    I like yours better than the ones on the blog, friend! Give yourself more credit 🙂 Also, where di you get your sewing machine? I have REALLY been wanting one.

  2. Paula says:

    no worries…… it’s always good to challenge ourselves! and look how brave you are to share it with everyone! i would have NEVER shared my many sewing-failures with the world! love you…. paula

  3. Mia says:

    I look at craft and sewing blogs every day…and bookmark things that I maybe, might, possibly try “one day”. LOL Good for you for even trying!! And it looks alright too!

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