herig wedding: bon voyage

The wedding countdown is officially on!  We had a delish Bon Voyage dinner last night to send our little bro and sis off on their Pre-Moon (that’s a Honeymoon before the BIG DAY) in Mexico!  We are rolling quickly toward the San Diego Event and are all getting SO excited!

Have so much Cabo fun kids!

We love you!


3 Comments on “herig wedding: bon voyage”

  1. rochelle says:

    the gold bars look great (especially after the story you told me!)! yum. 16 days till the wedding means less than that till we’re vaca-ing together!! muah!

  2. Lynley says:

    Thank you guys for the sweet party! You are the best and I’m sorry my spirits weren’t as high as anticipated! Can’t wait to see you in SD! Love you!

  3. […] friends, the time has come! After a fabulous ‘Bon Voyage‘ party thrown by none other than our wonderful families, Mitch and I are packed and headed to […]

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