diy backsplash

Here’s how it went:

House Hunting.  See a kitchen with a glass tile backsplash.  It was bright and bold and beautiful and I wanted to buy the house for that reason alone. Obsess about it.  End up buying a different house.  It doesn’t have a backsplash.  Love the new house, especially the kitchen. Still obsessed about backsplashes.  Decide to save up some money and have one put in.

Many months later:

Happy hour with our friends the Sloans.  Backsplash talk. Early morning Lowe’s run to buy some odds and ends.  See this:

Buy it.  Spend Sunday DIY-ing our tile backsplash.  Realize we are not handy. Grouting is hard. Learn that they write the directions the way they write them for a reason. Decide, “Oh well it looks fine” on countless occasions throughout the day.  Step back.  Kind of far.  LOVE.

We have decided that we wouldn’t do it again. It was pretty messy and a little tricky. We are so happy that we did it.


2 Comments on “diy backsplash”

  1. rochelle says:

    the before and after pics show how amazing the difference is! can’t wait to see it for myself ;o).

  2. Paula says:

    looks great! celebrate your craftiness and try it again!

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