beautiful day: Herig-Wedding part 3

Dear Mitchell and Lynley,

Your Wedding was lovely. Got that?  LOVELY! It was truly perfect.  For so many reasons.  The venue was pure beauty.  The sound of the waves, the amazing sunset, the lanterns, the white sand, the grass, the cool California air… It was peaceful.  It was calming.  It was beauty in its most natural and genuine form.  This, my little ones, is exactly how I felt about the two of you during your wonderful ceremony.  When I tell people about it I say that it was the most genuine sharing of vows I have ever witnessed.  No lie.  So different from the previous day during the Rehearsal toasts when you two were looking all around, taking in the sights and sounds of your friends and family, this day you had eyes only for each other.  I did not see your eyes waver, and in that my heart felt peace and joy in your union.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me a front row seat.  I will never forget it.  You two picked and planned a fabulous wedding- each detail so undeniably you two.  I loved it and I am so proud to share it here 🙂

I love you guys.  a lot.

Love, D

It took many to get Lynley in that pretty little number.  See those laces?  They aren’t just for show.  Mama Hardin spent many minutes lacing up her youngest daughter. Extra tight!

3 of our 4.  Everything fit.  We’re ready to walk down the aisle.  (Well, two of us are.)

Some of those views I was mentioning… and the cake.  I waited all night for it and then somehow missed it. Dang!  Maybe Mitch and Lyn will save me a bite of their one year anniversary cake?!?

Me and my gals.  Aren’t they just precious.  I really wish they would have made it down the aisle 😉  Someday.

Bridal look- Head to Toe (you can’t see her feet, but they are bare)!

What a special day for sisters.

Can’t even imagine the day that these two will be in the same pose.

Ava tried to uphold her flower girl duties.  Really hard I think.  But, no go.  Thank goodness for a Joge that saved her.  Thank goodness she looked so cute.

The beautiful bride.  She really did look the most beautiful as she walked toward her groom.  Crazy how that happens.

First kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Herig.  I think I might have cried.

I love love love this picture.

Dad and Daughter.  Mother and Son.

Kev gave a great toast.  He did not cry.

I wish I could give you all some video here of Mitch leading up to the Garter Toss.  He did dance.  We did laugh.  Check out this video for a glimpse into what you missed.

There wasn’t a ton of crying but oddly the two pics I captured of each girl’s face have tears written all over them.  Maybe there was actually more crying than I remember…hmmmm?  Still so cute.

Lyn’s big bro came through big time and had this 1927 Durant Star waiting to take the newlyweds away!

This concludes the Herig Wedding blogs.

Wishing the Herig’s a lifetime of Happy!!!!!


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