Remember this place (or one like it)?  Remember these shoes?  This was a Dad original idea on a recent Saturday.  It was a good one.  I think I thought Ava was still too young, too small, too timid… But, the moment her shoes were handed over (a major ‘she’s growing up too fast’ moment for me when they  actually had shoes that fit her) I knew this was right up her alley ;-).  She was not disappointed in the slightest and not one day has gone by since when she hasn’t mentioned ‘maybe we should  go bowling today?’ (said with her trademark “Ava shrug” ).
Umm pretty sure they didn’t have these awesome bumpers or cool ball rolling contraptions when I was little.  Although Ava could get the ball (though verrrrrry slowly) down the lane all be herself, she preferred the ramp.
Our bowling girls.
What a great family outing.  Cheap. Cool (temperature.  well, both meanings I guess). And according to Ava, “SOOOOOOOO FUN!”
I suppose I could mention that the final score was Kurt-121  Dani-71  Ava-70.  Think what you will.

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