1000 gifts: chapter 7

One Thousand Gifts Book Club:

Chapter 7

gifts: getting to tell friends about this book. through the conversation realizing how much it has truly impacted our lives and changed our perspective.

spring. new outfits.

spring. listening to Asper Kourt in the park. starbucks. standing girl.

spring. actually being in a picture. that it was taken by Ava. time with my girls. hats.

spring. smiles. baby strapped in.  getting to know our little one.  knowing 100% that if not buckled up, she would jump.
spring. pumpkin bread for 2. the sweetness that oozes out of Ava. knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she hops out of the stroller, takes off her shoes and dances the afternoon away.


tired? hungry?

Is it mean to post this video of our sleeping girl eating saltines?

We didn’t think so either 🙂


have you helped?

The past 2 weeks Asper Kourt has been donating a percentage of their iTunes sales to the Red Cross for the relief efforts in Japan.

The band has a brand new 4 song EP out from their studio sessions in Seattle last year.  The songs have such a mellow, fun, artsy vibe and I have to say, the last single ‘The Way You Move’ is my FAVE!

For the next 24 hours starting right now, Monday March 28, 2011 @ 4:30pm (Mountain Time Zone), they will be giving the Red Cross 100% of their sales.  So get over to their iTunes page and buy something. anything. everything 🙂

If you want to, click on the link below to buy some music and help Japan:


How about a preview of that delightful song?
The Way You Move by Asper Kourt

gettin’ discovered

Check out our favorite band tomorrow night!


They are competing for $10,000 and a 1 year development contract with a national talent agent at the Santa Ana Star Search competition.

Saturday is the last preliminary round before the finals.

It’s a very ‘American Idol’ type format with judges votes and fan votes determining who goes onto the finals in March!

Want a preview?  Here’s their audition video.  Tomorrow night they will be playing something BRAND NEW!

Interested? Check it:

Saturday Feb 26th, 7:00pm (All ages, family friendly)

Santa Ana Casino – Bosque Event Center

$5 preorder / $10 at the door

Can’t make it to the show? You can watch it live online!


♦Go to the Santa Ana Star Search Site here

♦Go to the link in the upper right corner in a white box called ‘Watch the Show’

♦Click that and it should take you to a page where you can watch it live


♦Once the show is completed you will have the opportunity to vote online for the best performance of the night which will also help determine the winner

♦Above the ‘Watch the Show’ link is a link to register

♦Register an account and follow instructions on how to vote

♦It just takes 3 minutes to register and vote

Ava and I will see you Saturday!

We have been counting down all week for our ‘date’!  We do know what song Asper Kourt has been preparing and we CAN’T WAIT to hear it live!


Needle In The Haystack

Asper Kourt @ Kellys in ABQ
Asper Kourt was selected as the featured artist for MTV and Ourstage in their ‘Needle In The Haystack’ promotion! Keep checking in every day this week to see a different video, blog or interview with the gentlemen of the Kourt.

Here are the links to the guys write ups this week- I will add a new one daily 🙂

Ourstage Blog

MTV Interview

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Guest Blog by Kevin Herig