one thousand gifts: ch 8

gifts: the cross, celebrations, food, laughter, family, fun, live music, messy babies, traditions, dresses, dresses, dresses!

In case you weren’t aware of this, kids make messes.  If you want them to wear an outfit more than once for say a special occasion- they will absolutely DESTROY it!  Cheers to our 3 dress Easter!

Here’s where I found the cute, awesome, easy tutorial for making these chalkboard clipboards for the ‘big’ little ones.

In the middle of this bustling Easter weekend, we managed (thanks to both of our parents) to get out 2 times without our babes.  I feel the need to include here that this meant Ava watched ‘Tangled’ 2 nights in a row… I think both sets of grandparents have now seen the movie more than Kurt and I.

And because this is the title of the post…and because you all are so graciously holding me accountable in my book club commitment:

1000 gifts book club,

Chapter 8


1000 gifts: chapter 7

One Thousand Gifts Book Club:

Chapter 7

gifts: getting to tell friends about this book. through the conversation realizing how much it has truly impacted our lives and changed our perspective.

spring. new outfits.

spring. listening to Asper Kourt in the park. starbucks. standing girl.

spring. actually being in a picture. that it was taken by Ava. time with my girls. hats.

spring. smiles. baby strapped in.  getting to know our little one.  knowing 100% that if not buckled up, she would jump.
spring. pumpkin bread for 2. the sweetness that oozes out of Ava. knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she hops out of the stroller, takes off her shoes and dances the afternoon away.

1000 gifts: chapter 6

Over half way. Keep pushing through.  Take 10 today and watch-

Chapter 6


Gift #222:

We’re all at home.  My phone rings.  It’s Kurt calling from Noelle’s room asking for the camera. I imagine the adorable photo op that has presented itself…

This is what I find.  Yes, that’s Kurt IN the crib. I yelled.


1000 gifts:chapter 5

One Thousand Gifts: Book Club


Some GIFTS in this late night moment…remembering to post this blog. knowing that it is not important whether I do it tonight or tomorrow. a house still with sleep.  me-time on the fly. a clean kitchen. ‘Chocolate Mud Pie’ Blue Bell. allergy relief. a homemade bird nest. running laps around the living room for exercise-seriously. learning a valuable lesson from a baby who only knows how to nod ‘yes’.  Ava telling me she loves me as much as her whole sky. knowing which lines of ‘friends’ will get the loud laugh out of Kurt. writing these GIFTS, taking this TIME, accepting the JOY that is always possible.

night night friends.

1000 gifts: chapter 4

One Thousand Gifts Book Club:

Chapter 4

Hope you guys are hanging in there!  Though I am right here with you on Book Club video watching, I finished the book this weekend.  Wow.  I am starting over at the beginning.  It is wonderful and eye-opening and joy-inducing, but there is just so much stuff.  I feel like I want to give myself another go-round to retain some of this life changing truth.

I will leave you on this fine Sunday evening, with this:

Yes, I realize that this isn’t the very best pic of the beauties.  But really, I love everything about it.  Ava’s beautiful curled do. Elle’s swoopy wave and enough hair for a barrette.  Spring dresses. Flip flops.  Baby wearing an entire outfit that Big’ Sis wore just a few short months ago. Phony smiles. Sitting still. A birthday gift wrapped with love by Ava. Tiny pink toenails. 2 girls. My girls.  Remembering going in for a quick squeeze as soon as the picture was clicked.

1000 gifts. chapter 3. a few of my own.

Book Club buddies, the link for Chapter 3 is below!

Chapter 3


Here is a random sample of some of my 1000 gifts from last week 🙂

beautiful flowers in my garage sale mason jars

gifts piled high for the one I love

happy hour on a Wednesday. allowing a photo and then posting it.

restauranting just us four

a tiny mouth that loves it all

a man-child who wanted to see how fast he could run and how high he could jump in his new shoes

a new shirt. elle learning life in big strong arms. ava blowing with all her might.  the dreamer that I married.

sweetness in a white bowl

uninhibited laughter

a daredevil glint in that baby’s eyes

falling asleep in the midst of playing

those who choose to love us

those who you can always call to share little life moments with

big hands that remind me that our ‘big baby’ is still tiny in this world


sharing. sisters who are friends. those in life who make you laugh any ol’ time they choose.

gifts. genuinely missing people who are missing

sitting 4 wide on the couch to watch sesame street

experiencing life’s wonders all over again

hearing Ava’s ‘leprechaun tale’ the morning after

reminders of trust. answered prayers.  newness that draws a smile.

a yellow teapot that stole my heart months ago… ON SALE!

gaining trust. one snip at a time

spring. the promise of green grass. a baby unafraid.

one thousand gifts: chapter 2

You still with me?

Below is the link to the Book Club for  ‘One Thousand Gifts’:

Chapter 2