1000 gifts: chapter 7

One Thousand Gifts Book Club:

Chapter 7

gifts: getting to tell friends about this book. through the conversation realizing how much it has truly impacted our lives and changed our perspective.

spring. new outfits.

spring. listening to Asper Kourt in the park. starbucks. standing girl.

spring. actually being in a picture. that it was taken by Ava. time with my girls. hats.

spring. smiles. baby strapped in.  getting to know our little one.  knowing 100% that if not buckled up, she would jump.
spring. pumpkin bread for 2. the sweetness that oozes out of Ava. knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she hops out of the stroller, takes off her shoes and dances the afternoon away.


just in time

The weather is actually warm… we can justify t-shirts for the park… it’s sunscreen time… just when it’s time for THIS↓ kind of hat…

I finished up my first crochet bonnet for Elle.  I saw this hat for sale on Etsy and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  After looking at the picture many times I decided, ‘I can do that’.  It’s a stretch…and it very well might fall apart after one wear.  But I am very proud of my no-pattern hat.  I just really wish it was the kind of weather for me to tie it on my little elf at every opportunity.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I AM THRILLED FOR SPRING.  I just wish my hat didn’t take me all of winter to complete! At the rate of baby growth in the house, this sweet little hat will not be worn (besides this mini-photo shoot) and will instead be hung on a hook for baby #3.  Or it will just hang on that hook forevermore.

tired? hungry?

Is it mean to post this video of our sleeping girl eating saltines?

We didn’t think so either 🙂


in other news

Does anyone else love bath-time as much as we do?

Sometimes it’s all we can do to snap our baby out of a funk… I can relate- just serve me up a hot bath (bubbles, please), a glass of wine and a good book.  Elle seems fine with just the water.  Oh, and a nice fresh washcloth to suck on 🙂

insert my very sarcastic voice here:

“Wow Kurt. What a great trick to teach Ava.”

The other night we asked Ava to get dressed for a quick trip to Yo Keva.  Well, I guess this is what I’d wear in this in-between-seasons New Mexico weather.  Dress and skirt, knee highs and Uggs… sure.  And let me not forget to include that Ava came out and said, “Hey guys, do you love my style?”  Oh Geez…

Kurt’s Aunt Nancy whipped up these super fun dolls for the girls for a very special, “Just Because” gift.  She can’t possibly know the countless joys it brought to our house. A package in the mail. A gift inside.  The gift being a doll.  One for each girl.  With names and everything (Ava’s is Kylie and Elle’s is Abby).  And an empty box for pretending.  Woo Hoo! Thank You!

holding on

baby giggles. little girl laughs. a glance to the backseat.

i will hold this snapshot close to my heart.

the game

We got invited to the final Lobo game of the season!

Couldn’t find our SEATS. It was because they were on the FLOOR!

Ava learned that JoJo used to be one of those CHEERLEADERS.

Perfect excuse for some POPCORN (any excuse for popcorn is a good one in my book) and a soda.  “Please PaPa?”

Can you tell Elle is TEETHING? M&M’s wrapper. Camera case. Passy. Tongue?

Was it me and Kurt’s FIRST game? Felt like it.

Good Times had by all.

Go Lobos!

while mom blogs

The things our kids do when our back is turned…

OK. That’s cute. Daisy’s jumping on the chair cushions.

Little flip-i-do.

Guess she couldn’t stand not being in the action another second.

WOO! HOO! This is FUN!

“Daisy, you’ve GOT to try this one!”

Hey. Wait a minute. Who’s taking these pictures?


There are some things that just don’t fall within my Mom-framework.  Thank you God for “fun” that only a Dad can think up!