things I like today pt. 2

Things I like today:

…that 4 years in, this is what our life is.  Honestly though, I looked at this picture and felt O-L-D.  Like, double take- ‘wait, is that a picture of my parents and us when we were little?’  But, a little perspective later- I feel so far beyond blessed that I get to call this my life, that my front yard, those my children, him my husband…
…Father’s Day morning.  It sounded like this, “Ava, want to wrap your gift for Dad? Sure.  Think Dad will like his new shirt?  Of course, he told me his favorite color is purple. Ava, keep your voice quiet. Mom, can I crack the egg.  Just finish decorating your card.  OK. How do you spell Dad again.  Ava, keep your voice quiet. Oops, I added an extra A. It’s fine.  I drew you Mom, look how funny you look.  Can I try the bacon?  What kind of tea did we make dad?  It’s coffee. Ava, keep your voice quiet. Elle, NO! CRASH. Oh crap, nobody move.  Ava don’t walk on the floor.  Elle crawl into the bedroom. Ava call your sister.  Ava open the door.  He’s asleep.  No he’s not, just say Happy Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day.  Were you seriously sleeping. No…so, what’d you break?”
This dessert.  My new summer staple.  It’s like a frozen S’more.  Do it!
The little girls endorsed it with ‘yummy sounds’…so did everyone at the table.  Seriously, that good!
…my dad.
…the baby that we constantly have to strip down to her diaper because she is always such a mess.
…Kurt’s new “favorite color” shirt.
…this cute belly and the baby boy we are praying makes a prompt arrival the moment he is done cooking.

Baby Loves Food

We are traveling a different road this time around when it comes to introducing food to our baby!  This girl LOVES food!  With Ava we had to work really hard at introducing each new taste and texture.  We dealt with many many choking fake-outs as she would gag every time any sort of texture touched her tongue.  This led to many almost heart attacks for Kurt and a ton of introduction and re-introductions on my part.  To say the least, introducing solids and then table foods was a long and exhausting process.  Leading into it I was kind of dreading these months with Noelle.

I kind of noticed that something was up as I attempted to make Noelle’s first baby food in my blender and as I was feeding her I kept finding rice chunks… she didn’t seem to mind and I was glad that my poor puree job didn’t seem to matter.  As time has gone on it has become apparent that this silly baby prefers texture and is so unbelievably bored with jars of baby food!  So, for months 4, 5 and 6 we did LOTS of bananas and rice cereal, sweet potatoes, introduced some quick-dissolving cereal snacks, and offered her anything we were eating.  She loves eggs (I know, I know, no egg whites for babies, but I forgot at the time and she didn’t have a reaction), rice, meatballs, turkey, chicken, tomato sauce, pasta… the list goes on- the only thing she really seemed to hate was applesauce?  Who doesn’t like applesauce?

So though it is wonderful that she seems to really like to eat with us- there are still plenty of times when we are out and about that I wish she would eat a jar- ya know?  Well, in remembering that a friend suggested these squeezers of baby food I ran to Target and picked up a few hoping that Elle would tolerate them for a once and a while type situation.  Well, they were a hit!  She seems to like the fun flavors and as an added bonus these are very Dad friendly.  You can squeeze the tube right in their mouth!  Not only is it less messy— it’s fun 🙂

What Mom doesn’t like to see Omega 3 and Antioxidants on the baby food container?!

AND they are Soy, Wheat, Dairy and Gluten Free with no added Sugar!

She’s not quite getting the cup thing but we fill this guy and hand it over at meal times!  Right now it’s her favorite thing to throw- it has a handle AND makes a much louder crash than the rest of her toys 🙂

These were a great Target find for a first cracker- they dissolve really fast and were much less messy than the usual teething biscuits!

2 of our favorite snacks to carry around!  There’s no better way to occupy our loud baby!