Baby Sorenson Update: 36 weeks!

Weight: 22 pounds to date

Blood Pressure: 86/60

Fundal Height: 36 cm

Baby’s Heart Rate: 140’s

Pelvic Exam: -1 Station, 3 centimeters dilated, 60% effaced

Our midwife said she can’t imagine that we’ll be making it to our June 20th due date… though I know she can’t possibly know for sure, I am clinging to this statement with everything I have:-)

Cutie Little Ava Girl

Well, whether our baby is on the way out or we still have 3+ more weeks, the appointment today gave me the little boost I needed!  It changes everything to know that the constant back pain, the waking every hour at night to pee and the general body discomfort is doing something to get this baby out!  Yay!  Praying for a healthy and prompt arrival for Baby S!

30 Weeks DOWN!

Can’t believe it’s already been thirty weeks!  This is a pregnancy milestone I’ve been pushing for since day one and I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s come and gone…It really does feel like we’re in the home stretch now and that before we know it we will be driving home with our new baby!  At our 30 week midwife appointment this week we learned that I passed the glucose test with flying colors (!)-no gestational diabetes here… that my iron levels are low (I’ve eaten 3 hamburgers since… not sure if that’s exactly what they meant by “fortify your diet with iron rich foods”), I’ve gained a little over 18 pounds (Kurt’s gained a little over 15…so in our “biggest gainer” contest looks like I’m still in the lead!), Baby S’s heart rate is holding steady in the 140’s and I”m measuring right at 30 weeks with another ‘sunny side up’ baby (hopefully that little sweetie will find comfort in the correct birthing position in the coming weeks)!

My mom also threw me a beautiful baby shower this week!  What a wonderful way to make a grumpy, uncomfortable mom feel so loved!  It was a fun evening of friends and family, games, great food and wonderfully generous gifts!  It was a night that made it all too real that we really have a tiny little baby on the way SOON!  We are getting so excited for it all but mostly to put to rest the constant debate over whether the baby is a HE or a SHE!!!

Baby Sorenson Update: 25 weeks!

Twenty five weeks down!  It finally feels like the end is in sight and not a moment too soon!  Besides feeling like going into hibernation at very frequent intervals during the day I feel great!  Really healthy, hungry, definitely growing huge amounts weekly and SO looking forward to meeting our new baby!  Doc appointment last week was the best yet- we got another ultrasound and it was awesome!  I definitely had a “moment’… I really felt like I got to see our baby.  It warmed my heart to see his/her little profile, chubby face and feet kicking around.  I found myself thinking about our little one and smiling often in the following days 🙂  Everything at the appointment checked out right on track which is always so reassuring!  To date I’ve gained 12 pounds, my stomach is measuring right at 24 weeks (or a little bigger!) and the baby’s heartbeat is holding steady right around 144 bpm. Kurt and I are still totally in the dark about the sex of baby S but the amount of people on Team Baby Boy is growing by the day!  If this one’s a little girl- there will be A LOT of surprised folks!

You Know You’re Pregnant When… FOOD

I have to say that from the moment the morning sickness phase of this pregnancy passed, the most important thing in my day is food!  Not just any food, but very specific (some may say weird) foods and food combos!  Now to me and my immediate family this may not seem too out of character.  I have been known to often invent “fun foods” as my little brother calls them- putting together a funky combo of ingredients and usually completing the dish with a dipping sauce of some sort.

I don’t think it’s that the foods I’m craving are too strange for the general public to enjoy it’s just the urgency with which I must prepare these “meals” once they cross my mind.  It’s like I can’t make it to the kitchen quick enough 🙂  Here are a few that for the last few weeks I just can’t live without… I swear they are delicious!

Dani’s Tuna

1 can solid albacore tuna

1 diced granny smith apple

diced ‘hot’ banana peppers

1 diced celery stalk

1 TB olive oil

California garlic salt to taste

red pepper flakes

black pepper

1 TB salted sunflower seeds

Frozen PB Banana

1 banana split

slather with peanut butter

dollop with cool whip

sprinkle with mini chocolate chips

freeze for one hour

(I have to keep a premade one of these in the freezer at all time- when the craving strikes I just can’t wait an hour and it really has to be frozen!)

Peanut Butter Pie

I got this wonderful recipe on Chow City and I’m sad to say I only had help on two slices!  But, it is a Weight Watchers Recipe AND I forgot about the chocolate chips so I’m not feeling too bad about it!