October 2010

Cousin FUN!

Eating breakfast burritos!

Checking out the Balloons!

What a perfect fall morning!


Moving on…

We had big plans for taking a family picture in front of our new house on the day we closed... or at least on moving day... sadly, this is the only picture we have of our new house (that's not even our car in front- ha!)

So far June has been one of the craziest months to date for our little family… as if bringing home our second baby didn’t throw enough of a curve ball in our schedule, we decided that moving two weeks later would really spice things up!  We are beyond thrilled to have found a new house and not only that but it is a little bigger, a little newer and REALLY close!  What we didn’t bargain for was having to move either 9 months pregnant or with a few week old  baby.  Turns out, once again God had the timing all worked out!  Our original close date was just 4 days before Noelle was born and even though we were so bummed that things just seemed to fall apart and our plans were totally messed up- it all worked  out beautifully.  We ended up getting to bring our baby home to our first home… one that we we can now affectionately remember as  the first place our family of 4 lived under one roof!  We might not have thought this would be the case but as we left our little town home, Kurt and I both found ourselves with tears in our eyes as we prepared to move on to the new house. I am left feeling very nostalgic about the many wonderful memories we will leave in that home but also very grown up and excited as we start down this new road  from a new address:-)

No matter how prepared you are for a move you never quite realize how HUGE a job it really is.  This experience has left me with gratitude coming out my ears for our lovely family and how much time, energy and love they poured into moving us.  It was a solid two days (plus a few more) of boxing, unpacking, cleaning and moving all with 2 little ones underfoot most of the time.  With the memory of it so fresh in my mind I can safely say that I don’t ever want to move again… and I think I can speak for our families when I say, they hope so too!  Thank you so much to those of you who put your lives on hold, showed up first thing in the morning and stayed until dark making sure we were settled and put away!  You guys are the best!

So… all this to say that since day 10, the last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy… here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to.  Hopefully our lives will soon find some kind of normal pattern and we can get back to some regular blogging and playing, dinner with friends and summer fun!

Oh did I mention that we are leaving on our annual Herig family vacation to Bethany Beach Delaware on Friday.  Four hour flight and a 3 hour drive with our 2 year old and our 4 week old… AHHHH! Guess we just LOVE the craziness 🙂

Right after Ellie's PKU heel prick. She woke up when they pricked her and then fell right back to sleep for all of the squeezing!

OH NO!! We might have a thumb sucker on our hands... whenever she find her hands this is where her little thumb ends up.

Making some banana bread with JoGi 🙂

Cookin' girl!

Happy Father's Day! And Ellie's first time in "real" clothes... so cute!

Big Cousin Brody and Noelle!

This is how Ava spent 'moving day' (asking (or telling) everyone who came over to help, "play with me.")

This is how Ellie spent 'moving day' (sleeping in various beds, cradles, cribs, swings, bouncers...)

Me and the gals on our first trip to the gym!

Kurt and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on June 15!

Happy Birthday JoJo!

Girls Wine Date at Casa Rodena Winery to celebrate Jo's Birthday!

Gosh, I just love seeing my guy with his gals!

The tiniest Asper Kourt fan went to her very fist AK Show at Summer Fest- Uptown!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Ten Days In

I’m not really sure where the days have gone.  If you asked me I’d say we’ve been home just a few days, not 10!  Though I don’t feel that tired or out of sorts, as I looked through our pictures from the past 2 weeks I couldn’t believe how much has gone on, how much has changed and how little of each day I actually remember.  I’m wondering how present in my current life I am…  Here’s hoping this is all just part of the process of getting used to being a mom of 2!  Here’s a run down of what we’ve been up to:

So much sleeping! I’m really trying to embrace this milk-drunk babytime… I know it doesn’t last long!
Ava practicing for her very first Ballet class at Fishback Dance Studio! She loves dancing around our house and anything having to do with ballerinas however, after two failed attempts to actually get her into the classroom we’ve decided she’s a little too young. We’re going to try again next year!

Even though the class is a no go, I couldn’t resist putting up pictures of her cute little bun and her sweet 2 year old bod in a leotard and tights 🙂

Our first park outting post baby… too bad it was over 100 degrees!
Noelle at the park, soaking up some rays to get rid of the last of her jaundice!

This is how I find Noelle for most feedings… she grunts for about 10 minutes as she wiggles herself free and then cries her face off as though she’s starving! At least she’s proving to be a good eater 🙂

These 2 pictues were taken within minutes of eachother...

...I think it's safe to say they're sisters!

Ava started SWIM LESSONS!

She's been having so much fun getting comfortable in the "big pool"...

...so far we're kicking, blowing bubbles, being a monkey on the wall and talking a lot about the possibility of getting our whole face wet! Glad we have the whole summer ahead of us!

Ava is really anxious to "play" with Noelle... With dad keeping a close eye, the girls played Pet Shop! Ava did all of the talking and Noelle just stashed dogs and cats in her pockets 🙂

We LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Ava love her little sister. While we were taking this picture Ava said, "Noelle, you're so pretty"... Thank God for our sweet gals!

Anyone Wanna Learn to Swim?

We can hardly wait for summertime weather… well actually for swimming weather!  Every time this New Mexico sunshine has teased us since early April the three of us get in the kitchen, whip up some Peanut Butter- Jelly and Potato Chip Sandwiches and head out to our tiny deck and even tinier pool for the afternoon 🙂

Ava loves the ankle deep water but this summer it’s time to start learning HOW TO SWIM in the big pool!  Kurt and I both spent many summer months playing in the pool, swimming on swim team and even coaching swim team during college!  Learning to swim is not an option in this family and thankfully we have our very own swim instructor (who’s not a boring mom or dad) to teach our kiddo!

Meet Kevin Herig- Our wonderful and multi-talented brother.

He has been swimming since he was Ava’s age and teaching lessons for many summers now for various sports clubs, and private organizations.  This summer (for the second year) he is teaching group and private lessons on his own at a neighbor’s pool.  For those of you who haven’t met him, he is the ultimate “fun uncle”!  Kids of all ages just love him, he has a unique approach, fun-loving nature, and a great  technique for teaching your kids how to swim and ENJOY it!

Leave me a message or give him a call if you are interested in Swim Lessons!  He will be giving lessons in the far Northeast Heights.

Just doing my daily devotional…

…in the tub 🙂

Ava told me, “I need to bring my book in the bath.”

Me: “Why can’t you just read it after?”

Ava: “Just like you do.”

Couldn’t argue with that, I LOVE my bath-time reading!

Ready to…


This is how I found Ava yesterday.

She said that she needed to sew something for her baby.  When I asked her what she “needed” to make she said, “probably a blanket or something.”  This was funny and cute in itself but as a side note, Ava has been adding “or something” to the end of EVERY sentence lately- it’s pretty cute but it is an in your face reminder of those things we say too often!  I had no idea I said this phrase so much throughout the day…

Another thing I didn’t realize I’d been saying often enough that Ava picked it up… “Ouch Baby” when I get a rib kick.   Ava will be sitting quietly playing or eating a snack when all of a sudden she says, “ouch baby”… the first time this happened we asked, “what are you talking about?”   She said that her baby in her tummy was kicking her too hard… Oh Geez, guess I need to stop yelling at our baby!   But honestly I didn’t even think anyone was listening to me anymore when I complain 🙂

Dad and A

On those nights when I just can't get myself in the kitchen to make dinner, this is what Kurt and Ava eat! Kurt makes his old college dinner of beef, (two frozen beef patty's seasoned up with garlic salt and steak seasoning and browned on the stove) pasta (thin spaghetti to be exact) and at least half a shaker of grated parmesan cheese. He and A grab some forks and for the next 15 minutes fight over the beef chunks:-) I love these nights because it means I get to eat popcorn and ice cream ( my college staple) for dinner 🙂

Just a frustrating cute little Ava antic:

Ava is a major bedtime staller these days.  She likes to go to bed, then about 15-30 minutes later start making requests.  Last night I was at the very end of my rope and not trusting myself not to freak out, I just let Ava knock and knock on her bedroom door hoping that she would get bored and go back to bed.  This had been going on for a fair amount of time when Kurt got home from band practice.  Before I even had a chance to explain I had to pee and as I headed to the bathroom I saw Kurt heading for her room.  Too tired to warn him that she was just going to make some crazy request (more water in her already full water bottle, having to pee- though she’s wearing a diaper, forgot to brush her teeth or wash her hands— yeah right Ava, like you even care about those things…) I just said a little prayer for him, stifled a laugh and let him go.  This is what I overheard:

Kurt: (standing at her door opened a crack) Hi Ava.  What do you need?

Ava: I just have a question.

Kurt: Ok, what is it?

Ava: Well….(30 second pause)….. Daisy  fell ……..(30 second pause)…….on my bed………

Kurt:  (interrupting what could very feasibly have turned into a 10 minute “question”) Ava, that’s not a question.

Dani: (hardly containing my violent laughter in the hallway)

Kurt:  Goodnight

Ava: …but…but…but…

Kurt:(closes and locks door)

AND not another peep the rest of the night… gosh! if only I’d known it was that easy- though I couldn’t have done it with a straight face…