Baby Loves Food

We are traveling a different road this time around when it comes to introducing food to our baby!  This girl LOVES food!  With Ava we had to work really hard at introducing each new taste and texture.  We dealt with many many choking fake-outs as she would gag every time any sort of texture touched her tongue.  This led to many almost heart attacks for Kurt and a ton of introduction and re-introductions on my part.  To say the least, introducing solids and then table foods was a long and exhausting process.  Leading into it I was kind of dreading these months with Noelle.

I kind of noticed that something was up as I attempted to make Noelle’s first baby food in my blender and as I was feeding her I kept finding rice chunks… she didn’t seem to mind and I was glad that my poor puree job didn’t seem to matter.  As time has gone on it has become apparent that this silly baby prefers texture and is so unbelievably bored with jars of baby food!  So, for months 4, 5 and 6 we did LOTS of bananas and rice cereal, sweet potatoes, introduced some quick-dissolving cereal snacks, and offered her anything we were eating.  She loves eggs (I know, I know, no egg whites for babies, but I forgot at the time and she didn’t have a reaction), rice, meatballs, turkey, chicken, tomato sauce, pasta… the list goes on- the only thing she really seemed to hate was applesauce?  Who doesn’t like applesauce?

So though it is wonderful that she seems to really like to eat with us- there are still plenty of times when we are out and about that I wish she would eat a jar- ya know?  Well, in remembering that a friend suggested these squeezers of baby food I ran to Target and picked up a few hoping that Elle would tolerate them for a once and a while type situation.  Well, they were a hit!  She seems to like the fun flavors and as an added bonus these are very Dad friendly.  You can squeeze the tube right in their mouth!  Not only is it less messy— it’s fun 🙂

What Mom doesn’t like to see Omega 3 and Antioxidants on the baby food container?!

AND they are Soy, Wheat, Dairy and Gluten Free with no added Sugar!

She’s not quite getting the cup thing but we fill this guy and hand it over at meal times!  Right now it’s her favorite thing to throw- it has a handle AND makes a much louder crash than the rest of her toys 🙂

These were a great Target find for a first cracker- they dissolve really fast and were much less messy than the usual teething biscuits!

2 of our favorite snacks to carry around!  There’s no better way to occupy our loud baby!


Green Light



Look at our sweet dad blending up some baby food!

At Noelle’s 4 month doctor’s appointment this week we got the green light to start introducing a little bit of fruit and veggie variety into her solids diet!  I was concerned that she was a little young to be so into eating and asked if we should hold off.  Everything I keep reading online says that babies can start solids (mostly cereal) as early as 4 months, but that they really usually aren’t ready until closer to 6 months, hmmmm…I was noticing that around dinner time in our house Ellie was getting pretty excited/agitated.  She would kick her feet, smack her mouth and just looked interested in what we were doing.  Even if I had nursed her within the hour she seemed like she wanted to eat again EVERY time we would sit down to eat.  I decide that I would try a little bit of rice cereal, just to see and…she loved it.  From pretty much day one she ate it like a pro!  In a previous post Ava and I made Elle some rice cereal with Avocado…a hit!  So at our doctors appointment this week I asked what we should be doing.  Feeding her solids once a day? twice? introduce any new foods?  He pretty much said “GO!”  Of course that meant, go within reason- age appropriate fruits and veggies and introducing each new food about 4-5 days apart and feeding her1,2,3 times a day depending on her interest and our patience.  Using this website I found a list of recommended cereal, fruits and veggies for 4-6 month olds and am going to try to make Elle some healthy ‘first foods’.

This week we’ve decided to introduce a vegetable!


Here’s what we did (I feel a little ashamed even posting this based on what little effort it took, but I think I just didn’t know how simple it was to do and wanted to share with everyone. A good measuring stick for simplicity is the picture above; if Kurt is doing it, it really is easy!! 😉 ):

Washed sweet potato, poked holes in it, wrapped in tin foil and placed in 400 degree oven for 70 minutes.  Cool enough to removed skin, chunk up and put in blender with 6 ounces of breast milk, formula or water.  Puree until smooth.  Freeze in freezer trays!

Who’s surprised that Elle loved it?? 😉




Blendin’ up some Elle food

I seriously scrounge around for activities each morning and afternoon to keep Ava and I busy… When I’m out of ideas we usually just end up doing a craft (cutting up my old magazines and gluing the scraps to boxes and paper) 🙂  Today when I found myself turning to craft-time #2 I decided that rather than vacuum up the paper mess again we should try something new.

In accidentally opening up some of my junk email I had run across this recipe for making baby cereal from scratch.  So, since the kitchen needed a good cleaning anyway we decided that the experiment was worth it.   It looked easy enough for a 2 year old to help with and if it worked I knew we’d use it up on our hungry little baby!

We did it!  Not only was it a fun way to use up some of our afternoon, but I have to say I felt very accomplished with our cereal chilling away in the freezer!  I am so happy to feed Elle this cereal made with love from Ave and I!

Here’s what we learned:

Babies digest rice easily and are less likely to be allergic to it than to any other grain. That’s why it’s a perfect first food. Brown rice, which is called for in this recipe, is extra nutritious since the vitamin-packed outer husk is still intact.

Avocado makes a great first food for baby due to its texture and creaminess as well as its high nutrient content.  Avocados are often called one of nature’s perfect foods because they are said to contain everything a person needs to survive.  A wonderful “good fat” food for baby’s brain and physical development, try an avocado as baby’s first food instead of refined cereals.

So here’s what we made:

Brown Rice Cereal with Avocado

1 cup brown rice, cooked according to package directions

1/3 avocado

6 ounces breast milk, formula or water

Place the cooked brown rice in a blender with the breast milk/water/formula and avocado. Puree until it’s as smooth as possible. Pour the cereal into ice trays, cover and freeze overnight. Once frozen, pop the cubes out of the trays, place them in a freezer bag or container that’s labeled with the date, and return it to the freezer. Lasts up to two months.

Defrost the cubes, and add more breast milk or formula to develop a smooth consistency. For babies just starting solids, thin the cereal to a semi-liquid consistency. Warm the cereal slightly, if desired. You can change the flavor of the cereal by adding different strained fruits or veggies once your baby has started to eat those foods.


*I am loving this Costco find… fully cooked frozen brown rice!  You just scoop whatever amount of the frozen rice into a microwave safe dish and heat for 1-2 minutes or scoop it right into a skillet and toss it around until heated through!  I am SO bad at rice… this yellow bag has been such a lifesaver!
Noelle loved her first homemade dinner tonight! I just popped one of the frozen squares into a bowl and defrosted it, no need to add anymore milk, stirred it up and spooned it in!  As you can see she couldn’t get enough and took to licking her seat to get every last bite 😉