Pumpkin Time!

It’s October!  That means Pumpkin Cookie/Muffin/Bread time around here!  Here’s our first batch of “Gluten Free” Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

In place of the flour in the recipe I substituted King Arthur Flour: gluten free multi-purpose flour, which I found right in the ‘baking needs’ aisle at the grocery store next the the regular flour!

I truly LIVE for these cookies so I knew I’d be a pretty tough critic of the GF version, but… they’re good!  For those of you who have done some experimenting with GF baking, you know that the texture just isn’t quite the same as the regular versions.  Mainly I’ve noticed that things tend to be a little more crumb-y.  I don’t mind this part too much as long as the flavor is still there and there isn’t any aftertaste… So though not quite as moist as the originals, I think these cookies are a fairly close substitute that I am sure I can put away at the rate of one batch per week for all of Fall 🙂

My little helper!

My little roly-poly giggle box!