…and Headbands!

My very crafty and adorable friend also made me a funky headband that I’m loving!

Snowboardanas and Baby Headwraps!

What talent our loved ones have!

Here are a few creative ways we will be keeping warm for the remainder of the wintertime!

Mitch made us these Awesome ‘Snowboardanas’ (named by me- so if that is a super lame name don’t hold it against the talented designer)!  They are the perfect way to keep your face warm while boarding (or in our case walking around our cul-de-sac).

They can also be used to warm up your neck… AND they look cool 🙂

I heard that Mr. Mitch is taking orders… so let me know if you’re interested!

The girls are ready for some cold weather too!  Thanks Roche for these super cute ear-warming headbands!

Everytime we leave the house Ava runs around like a crazy person trying to find their matching ‘outside headbands’!