swimming buddies

Below: a picture that we envision resurfacing in some 18 years for their senior yearbook.
Aren’t they precious? When Becky and I mushed our babies together in this floaty we had no idea how contentedly and how long they’d float around together.  Our two ‘lively’ babes found rest today with each other. I completely understand the feeling Elle-Girl,  I feel the same way when I hang out with Peter’s Mom 😉
Thanks for the swim date on a sleepy Thursday!

Good Friends

Elle and Peter
Ava and Thomas

Good friends listen to each other.

Good friends don’t put each other down or hurt each others feelings.

Good friends try to understand each others feelings and moods.

Good friends help each other solve problems.

Good friends give each other compliments.

Good friends can disagree without hurting each other.

Good friends are dependable.

Good friends respect each other.

Good friends are trustworthy.

Good friends give each other room to change.

Good friends care about each other.

This is from a teaching guide for grades K-5 on ‘being friends’.

Sounds like a good recipe for friendship to me!