Saturday Fun

The Barista-ing was hit!  I had never been to Hardback Coffee before- but for that Coconut Americano and the Cotton Candy Frappe I WILL be heading back soon!  And they have a drive-through!

Elle looks like she could have used some coffee…

The live music was wonderful!  It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!  Friends, family, coffee, music  and comfy chairs!

Brody and Ava had so much fun and even got in a little dancing 🙂

Kurt’s Grandma Wood is in town for this whole month of January!  It’s hard to say if she enjoyed the music or the Great Grand-babies more… I bet it was just the perfect morning for her too, I have never seen her smile so big 🙂

And to end this fun Saturday we were invited to share with our friends as Ryan Turri screened his first feature film!  A date, a hilarious movie, joy and celebration, friends and family… loved this day!

93 Years Young…

We were so blessed to spend this past weekend in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to celebrate Grandma Wood’s 93rd birthday! We are so thankful to Ken and Mary for bringing all of us on this great little mini-vacation! It was so much fun to explore the town where Mary grew up and where Kurt and Jess spent many summer’s and Christmas’s as kids! Everyone had memories to share, sites to revisit and restaurants to eat at in order to get the real Wisconsin feel!

Pretty sure the kids got their hands on the candles…
The Castle Park
Coney Island Hot dogs
It is SO green and beautiful- the perfect place for Ava to run in the grass (her latest favorite thing that usually has to wait for the park)!
Just a little knee-smooch for grandma
What else- Flying with dad!
Ferry ride up the Mississippi- Ava really liked it…HA!
Definitely one of the highlights of the trip- Ice Cream Cones at Pearl Ice Cream Parlor!!

Grandad’s Bluff

Best way to pass the time- Play Dough (our newest distraction discovery! Got us through the plane rides and MANY restaurant visits!)

We were so busy that we all napped with the kids every day!
We had so much fun! Happy 93rd Birthday Grandma Wood!