Happy Birthday Great- Nana!

Ava and I went to visit her Great-Nana (my Grandma) to wish her a Happy Birthday and to just hang out and play! Grandpa and Grandma were so cute- they definitely knew the way to her little heart… they pulled out some fun new toys for her to play with, bought her a super cute little towel dress for summertime AND Grandma made peas (and other yummy stuff) for lunch!!! What a wonderful visit! I don’t know if Grandma or I loved the peas as much as Ava but it sure was fun watching her chow down!

Great-Nana and Ava!
“Serve me up some more peas- G-Nana!”
What a cute Pea Smile- it’s like when you smile with a lemon peel in your mouth (except kinda grosser!)
Yum! Yum!
“My kind of lunch!”