sugar lips

Dry cracked lips anyone? Or is that just me?  UGH!

Finally today, I’d had enough.  Didn’t I hear somewhere that if you rub sugar on your lips it would remove dead skin???

But what to mix it with?…  Honey? Sure.

I grabbed my ingredients and headed for the bathroom to put an end to my embarrassing, winterized lips.

I mixed. Rubbed.  Licked. Mmmmm. Rinsed with warm water… Success!

I am finally free to try my new Willing-It-To Be- Spring peachy lipstick! Yay!

Happy Exfoliating!


…and speaking of Spring. The park was just calling our name this week!

Elle’s first swing! LOVE♥

Ava busted out the flip flops… she’s SO her father’s daughter 🙂