Baby Sorenson Update: 25 weeks!

Twenty five weeks down!  It finally feels like the end is in sight and not a moment too soon!  Besides feeling like going into hibernation at very frequent intervals during the day I feel great!  Really healthy, hungry, definitely growing huge amounts weekly and SO looking forward to meeting our new baby!  Doc appointment last week was the best yet- we got another ultrasound and it was awesome!  I definitely had a “moment’… I really felt like I got to see our baby.  It warmed my heart to see his/her little profile, chubby face and feet kicking around.  I found myself thinking about our little one and smiling often in the following days 🙂  Everything at the appointment checked out right on track which is always so reassuring!  To date I’ve gained 12 pounds, my stomach is measuring right at 24 weeks (or a little bigger!) and the baby’s heartbeat is holding steady right around 144 bpm. Kurt and I are still totally in the dark about the sex of baby S but the amount of people on Team Baby Boy is growing by the day!  If this one’s a little girl- there will be A LOT of surprised folks!