Book a Month Club: October and November

I can’t believe I forgot to post my books!  I really liked both of these.

Ever since Jurassic Park I am always willing to give a new Michael Crichton book a try.  This novel was actually discovered on one of Crichton’s computers by his assistant after his death and was then published (kinda interesting… I also read that there is another book that will come out in 2012).  Pirate Latitudes has a total Pirates of the Caribbean feel and I loved it!  It is an adventure story about piracy in Jamaica in the 17th century.  It was fun and action packed and I felt like I learned a little something (which we all know greatly boosts my endorsement of a novel)! The novel stars the fictional privateer Captain Charles Hunter who, together with the governor of  Jamaica , plots to raid a Spanish galleon for its treasure. One reviewer states that it is “thoroughly researched…packed through with great detail about navigation and how pirates operated, and links between the New World and the Caribbean and Spain.” Yay!

Modoc, by Ralph Helfer was a birthday gift.  Not a book that I would have picked up on my own but definitely a worthy read.  If you are an animal lover at all you will love this book!  I am not (Yikes, that sounds awful- I like animals a normal amount I just can’t justify using the word love …). But I still really loved the story.  Despite the writing style, which was a little forced, I loved learning about the circus life (kind of reminded me of Water for Elephants– another good read) and I really enjoyed hearing the story of Modoc’s life from beginning to end.  Always love a story that wraps up into a neat little package.

Stay tuned for my December Read… It might just be my favorite of the whole year!!!