going to school

Thanks to one of my ‘Super Mom’ friends, Ava and I have ventured into the world of Home-Preschool! How wonderful is it that through the wonders of the internet we can copy take the advise of those friends that we look up to oh-so-much and use their resources to enhance our life and time at home!  Thank you Sarah for introducing us to this fun, entertaining, EASY Preparatory Curriculum for little ones!  I have to say that from week one I was amazed at the sponginess of Ava’s brain.  She was so ready to learn and absorb each thing that we discussed that I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to schedule some “school” time.  In the weeks since we started, this is one of her favorite parts of our day.  She loves doing a craft, reading a story, watching videos on the internet, memorizing our Bible verse and best of all, sharing it all with Kurt when he gets home!  This has been such a great addition to our daily schedule, something fun for us to do together and a good lesson in patience and organization for me.

Here is the board for one of our recent weeks of school!

Bible verse- Proverbs 30:5- “Every Word of God proves true.”

Letter- E

Number- 5

Theme- Lighthouses

Vocabulary Word- Beacon

Shape- Octagon

We “learn” one or two of the above lessons per day and pair it with reading a related story, doing a craft, watching videos or anything else that seems to tie the idea to our daily life.  The website is a wonderful tool and gives ideas for each weeks activities. The best part- there is total freedom to adjust the lessons to your home and supplies!