I had surgery last Tuesday. Crazy huh? I will share a brief version of my story below. It’s about how my IUD went wrong and I had to get it removed. If you are interested, read on.
I started having back pain a little over a month ago. It wasn’t unbearable but it was every day. It reminded me of the cramping I’d have before my period so I didn’t pay too much attention to it. After about 2 weeks of the daily reminder and no period or relief, I called in to my midwife for a visit. In the meantime, I “Googled”. Never do this. By the time I went in for my appointment 3 weeks later I had diagnosed myself with a whole array of illnesses and complications. Most of my concern though centered on my IUD. The major red flag for me was that I could no longer feel the strings of the IUD. This is something you are told to check monthly following your period…I was one of the small percentage of women who didn’t get a period while using the IUD so I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d felt them. I knew they were there a year ago and that now they weren’t. Fast forward. I went in for my visit. My midwife couldn’t find the IUD strings or even feel the IUD when she checked me. She scheduled an ultrasound for later in the week to see if it had implanted itself in my uterus or had fallen out. Both cases she said were rare. Ultrasound- IUD imbedded pretty far inside. Next, visit with a doctor. Prep for that visit: 800 mg ibuprofen and a Vicodin an hour before and a ride to and from the appointment. Ok, now I’m nervous. Feeling loopy, met with a new doctor at that visit. Using a variety of tools and lights he tried to locate the IUD to remove it. The discomfort was minimal. Lots of cramping. Some post visit bleeding. But no luck on the removal.
Next step: surgery. A hysteroscopy to be exact. Basically the same as this doctor visit but with me fast asleep. A little over a week later having had no food or drink since midnight (having removed all of my jewelry, nail polish- including my new pedicure-, sans lotion, make-up and hair product… ugh!) and having had quite the anxious previous nights sleep, I was checked in to preop for my procedure. I got wheeled into the OR, was told I was going to get sleepy and woke up feeling pretty drunk. Slowly the world came into focus and I was told that the IUD was out! Deeply imbedded, strings wrapped around it, but out! With prescription to take it easy for a week I was out of there! I thought I should share this story because when I was told that I was in the small percentage of people that this happens to, I was struck by how shocked I was to be the exception. I always think that things will go according to the plan. I’m one who listens to those ‘risks’ that doctors share but then quickly overlooks them or throw them into the category of ‘that won’t happen to me’. Once I was in the minority though, I didn’t want to be alone. I searched out individuals who could relate, who could offer encouragement. So, I’m just throwing this experience of mine out there so that maybe someone else can find comfort in my story. It wasn’t life-threatening or dangerous. But it was annoying and frustrating and something I was really angry that I had to deal with. There is such power in shared experiences. I am thankful for all of you who have shared yours with me.
Kurt felt the need to document ‘zombie’ me throughout the day post surgery. I was stumbling around a little, slept a lot, found it much more comfortable for my spinning head to keep my eyes closed,  but couldn’t help smiling that this was OVER! The grogginess lasted about 24 hours. Way longer than I expected. My mom and Ava prepared us a yummy dinner. The Turri’s brought us an ice cream treat. Kurt was home from work all day long. Besides the surgery part, it was a pretty great day! Best part though, it’s out and I feel like me again.