swimming buddies

Below: a picture that we envision resurfacing in some 18 years for their senior yearbook.
Aren’t they precious? When Becky and I mushed our babies together in this floaty we had no idea how contentedly and how long they’d float around together.  Our two ‘lively’ babes found rest today with each other. I completely understand the feeling Elle-Girl,  I feel the same way when I hang out with Peter’s Mom 😉
Thanks for the swim date on a sleepy Thursday!

Anyone Wanna Learn to Swim?

We can hardly wait for summertime weather… well actually for swimming weather!  Every time this New Mexico sunshine has teased us since early April the three of us get in the kitchen, whip up some Peanut Butter- Jelly and Potato Chip Sandwiches and head out to our tiny deck and even tinier pool for the afternoon 🙂

Ava loves the ankle deep water but this summer it’s time to start learning HOW TO SWIM in the big pool!  Kurt and I both spent many summer months playing in the pool, swimming on swim team and even coaching swim team during college!  Learning to swim is not an option in this family and thankfully we have our very own swim instructor (who’s not a boring mom or dad) to teach our kiddo!

Meet Kevin Herig- Our wonderful and multi-talented brother.

He has been swimming since he was Ava’s age and teaching lessons for many summers now for various sports clubs, and private organizations.  This summer (for the second year) he is teaching group and private lessons on his own at a neighbor’s pool.  For those of you who haven’t met him, he is the ultimate “fun uncle”!  Kids of all ages just love him, he has a unique approach, fun-loving nature, and a great  technique for teaching your kids how to swim and ENJOY it!

Leave me a message or give him a call if you are interested in Swim Lessons!  He will be giving lessons in the far Northeast Heights.