showering the bride

But, before we showered her, we got her toes cleaned up real pretty 🙂

There were so many parts of this outing the warmed my heart.  Spending time with the very-very soon to be Mrs. Herig.  Being witness to the love-bond between her and her sister.  Mommas-Daughters, a moment of clarity that this bond is big and real and forever.  Shedding some serious dead skin and getting our nails done!  Being laughed at (I’m sure more than I was even aware of) for saying that I was channeling Kate Middleton with my pale pink polish choice…
Shower day was beautiful.  Truly a clouds parting kind.  No wind, sweet flowers, good food, a HUGE turn out, gifting the bride, watching her in her moment.
I could have filled an album with pictures of Lyn smiling and laughing… At the end of the shower Jo asked, “Does your face hurt?” Lyn looked confused.  She is so easy to smile and laugh- another reason I’m sure Mitch is so crazy about her.
Official Countdown is on, 52 days!
San Diego here we come!