Bethany Beach 2010

“Grab your rusty bike

and meet me next

to second street.

We’ll go for a ride

down the road

to Bethany Beach.

The lightning strikes

so finish your fries

and come with me.

And we’ll be so happy…”

-Kevin Herig

We were so sure we weren’t going to make it to the annual Herig-Harney Bethany Beach Vacation.  We had been bummed for months thinking that everyone (seriously EVERYONE) would be there this year and how if our baby was just due a few weeks earlier we might be able to make it…When Noelle was born 20 days early almost the first thing out of my dad’s mouth was, “do you guys want to come to Bethany???”  I laughed him off- please, our baby would only be four weeks old!  Well, two weeks in I causally mentioned that we really should have more seriously considered their offer… that was all it took.  By the end of the day we had plane tickets and some wonderful anticipation brewing in our tummies!  Honestly though as soon as it was a sure thing we had some minor freak outs- what were we thinking going on a beach vacation with a 4 week old and a 2 and a half year old who hates the beach?  was this really a wise parenting decision? not to mention…ummm, I was going to have to wear a swimsuit 😉  We spent a good part of a week preparing and in the end we don’t have one regret!  The trip was great beginning to end!  Both girls did great on the 4 hour plane ride and 3+ hour car ride, we spent 7 wonderful days on the beach, eating yummy boardwalk food, swimming in the pool, playing tennis and basketball, doing a little shopping, playing games, sharing over many “happy hours”, and enjoying some family bonding time.  We can’t thank PaPa and JoJo enough for their generosity!  You guys truly went above and beyond and BB 2010 will always have a very special place in our hearts!

Thankfully it wasn’t a full flight and we got to bring Noelle’s car seat on board! This is how she spent the airplane ride! When it came to the plane ride I was concerned about the recycled air and the possibility of our new baby getting sick- a sweet friend offered some advise on this point… a spray of breast milk in the nose before take off…though I was totally game to give it a go Noelle decided she wasn’t interested in even waking up as we took off so the opportunity passed us by!

We made it to Baltimore white and ready for some sunshine!

Mitch, Kev and Kurt- First ocean day!

Ava’s first beach day… she decided that she liked shopping on the boardwalk better than the sand or the ocean, check out the hat she talked PaPa JoJo into buying her!

They bought Noelle one too!

This is how I spent (spend) most days! This kid likes to eat 🙂 Being surrounded by a big crowd most of the week I was so thankful for my Hooter Hider-Thanks Sarah!

She looks so cute- thank goodness because her aversion to the sand got quite trying…

Such a sleepy girl… this is what happened every time we were about 5 minutes from our destination.

Happy 4th of July! Camped out on the Beach waiting for the Fireworks!

Beautiful 4th of July sunset...oh, and a look at the thousands of people who came out for the show

Ava loved the fireworks show!

This was hands down the best fireworks shows I have ever seen! But really, what could compare to front row seats, sitting in the sand, eating TCBY, surrounded by family and fellow Americans to honor our country?

Waiting for dinner and the Horseshoes tournament to begin! I loved my Moby, put it on every night for the 1/2 mile walk to dinner and Noelle would pass out and sleep happy for the whole dinner!
Ava and Uncle Mitch- so glad we got to be here for his and Lynley’s first Bethany Trip!

Dad and the girls getting ready for some pool time! (note Ava’s joy- it’s because we aren’t heading to the beach)

Attempting a sand castle… it might have worked if a big wave didn’t come and freak Ava out!

John couldn’t resist holding Noelle at every opportunity-even at the HOT beach- it is so heartwarming to see what joy a baby can bring people!

Moments before Ava broke out in a heat rash 😦 thankfully aloe and benadryl cleared the itching right up!

Pool Time!

Apparently there was a heat wave on the east coast last week and we were right in the middle of it… we were so happy to hop in the pool at every opportunity!

Ava’s happy place

Lyn and Ellie taking a break in the shade!

As we were all comparing tan lines one evening Kurt walked in and caught Ava joining right in… yikes, kids copy everything!

Ave and Uncle Kev

PaPa and D

I love that the most important thing we did on this particular day was research different cocktails and what sounded the most delicious for happy hour!
Cuties Kev and Kay at the beach
The girls camping out on the beach under the tent

You’d think it was too hot to take a nap…

but most everyone…

still managed…

to fall asleep on the beach…

every day!

I think Ava and I would agree that this was one of our favorite parts of the trip- cold treats everyday! Cotton Candy Italian Ice= Heaven in a styrofoam bowl!

A break from the heat came in the form of a trip to the Outlet Malls!

The dudes playing a little basketball!

Nothing like a morning at the park!

Kurt looking cute holding his baby in his new shorts!

The night that our family cooked dinner for the group was a success!  Cooking for a group of 30 is tougher than you’d think!  A lot of the props  go to Mitch for grilling up some AWESOME Thai Chicken and Veggies…

Goofing at the pool

Ava discovered that she LOVES to blow dry her hair- especially with this cute little “Ava size” blow dryer!

Mitch and Lyn- Kurt, Dani, Ava and Noelle- Kev and Kay

PaPa, Ava, Noelle and JoJo
In order to take the above beach family photos Ava was bribed with the ice cream treat of her choice… here she is enjoying her Sponge Bob ice cream pop!

Car ride home from the airport... Couldn't keep her eyes open another moment! So happy to be home but REALLY missing beach days!