Father’s Day

We are so thankful for our Wonderful DAD! Grandpa (Nopf)! and PaPa!
We got to enjoy the beautiful (hot) day with Church outside at Calvary (complete with yummy Blake’s Breakfast Burritos and Starbucks coffee!)! Then a little swimming (in our 5 foot pool on the deck)! and Finally hanging out at the Isotopes game (with plenty of beer and hot dogs to go around)!!!

Kurt and I are so thankful for our dad’s. They truly have been the most influential men in our lives and I think we’d both agree that we try daily to be a little more like them.

I am so thankful for Ava’s dad! I just love watching him love being a dad! Kurt is the most wonderful person I know and I pray daily that our children will view and approach life with the same postive, fun, hopeful outlook as their Daddy! I love you Kurt!

Cuddle Bug

Ava’s not so much our little cuddle bug, though Kurt and I love to scoop her up and squeeze her until she squeals. I think she’d say she’s just too busy for so much hugging… BUT apparently everyone needs some cuddles sometime and I guess today was one of those days for Ava. Such a sweet moment with dad!

Tea Party With Dad!

Thank goodness for Tea Parties… actually, thank goodness for Dad’s who initiate tea parties with their little girls! The idea of a tea party never even occurred to me! Not when Ava pulled out her mini pitcher and kept dumping the milk and water from her sippy cups into it, not when she pulled out those cute little plates and said, “nack!” (snack), and not when she brought that little cup into the bathtub and drank half the tub with it… And I call myself a girl who loves girly things! GEEZ- it took Kurt coming in from the gym, cleaning up ONE pitcher/chocolate milk dumping mess to think of having a tea party!

This was one of my favorite daddy/daughter moments- So, sorry Kurt that you aren’t wearing a shirt, but it was too precious to pass up:

“Here Ava, let me scoop you some corn!”