my talented family: part 2

Meet my Mom, Jocelyn Herig,  a.k.a. ‘JoJo’ of

“JoJo’s Gluten Free Granola was created for my family. Our on-the-go, active lifestyle motivated me to make a healthy and  delicious snack for everyone.  It’s high quality ingredients provide sustained energy as well as many additional healthful benefits.  Eat it at breakfast or anytime for the perfect snack. There are 2 flavors of JoJo’s: “Choconola” and “Nutter Butter Berry”. The ingredients include gluten free oats, almond butter or peanut butter, sliced almonds or cashews, organic agave nectar, 70% dark chocolate, a bit of cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of sea salt. It is conveniently packaged in a 4 oz. size for your purse, workout bag or lunchbox and a 12 oz. bag for the whole family or all your workout buddies! The ziploc packaging will keep it fresh and ready to go.” -JoJo

JoJo’s Gluten Free Granola↓

Her recent venture… selling her delicious granola to the public!  If you know JoJo, you know that she has been perfecting her granola recipe for years.  She has always kept her latest creation on her kitchen counter in a big jar and we all snacked and weighed in on taste, texture, ingredients, names.  We likely critiqued it to death (poor Jo), but it is safe to say that these days we don’t have ANYTHING left but praise.  It became a staple in her home, a source of comfort in the kitchen and fame for Jo as we all brought friends over for a taste and gifted relatives with it for holidays.  She has been asked begged to send huge batches to many military men overseas in the last few years and has generously sent people home with large bags full after they can’t seem to get enough while visiting her home.  When it got the point where there were no kinks to work out and we were all sneaking over to steal bags and bags of the granola to eat, share with friends, hoard and gift others with, she decided it might just be worth it to offer it to a larger audience.  JoJo’s Granola was born this summer and it’s first sales venue is the Downtown Growers Market in Albuquerque!

You can find her at the Downtown Growers Market (located @Robinson Park at 8th & Central) every Saturday from 7-Noon

2 Awesome flavors, Choconola (dark chocolate granola) and Nutter Butter Berry (nut and berry granola)

Both recipes made with organic ingredients and GLUTEN-FREE

Sold in 2 convenient sizes

Have a free sample to decide which to buy when you visit her at the Market

 Order it online at JoJo’ (Coming Soon)

June Birthdays!

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!
D and Jo
“Happy 51st!”
JoJo and Ava at… where else… SAVOY!
The Gang (minus Mitch) 😉
Beautiful and Yummy edible bouquet from Mitch!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Grandpa, Jess, Brody and Ava
Sandbox Fun
I don’t think that’s enough candles…
Ava and Brody’s favorite part of the evening… they each got their own piece of Birthday Ice Cream Pie!!!
Thanks for being born parents! We had such a fun and crazy week celebrating your birthdays!

One Little Monkey…

Jumping On The Bed!!!
Hope she doesn’t fall off…
And bump her head!
We had a really good time jumping on the bed until…
JoJo came over and (in a very sweet granparenty kind of way) said, “NO MORE MONKEY’S JUMPING ON THE BED!”

Ava got a ‘Big Girl’ bed (thanks so much PaPa and JoJo!)!!! What an exciting day! As most of you know we have a very busy summer of traveling coming up… all of a sudden it hit us that we need to start preparing Ava for not sleeping in her crib or even the Port-A-Crib that is all of a sudden way too small. So on Sunday we bit the bullet and put her down for a nap in a cozy nest of blankets right outside her crib. I have to say Kurt and I were beyond shocked when she simply rolled over and fell asleep and didn’t even try to walk out of her room! After that you might say we jumped the gun a bit- we packed up that crib and had it stored within the hour. Then came bedtime… not a horror story but also not quite so simple as the nap. Ava (very sweetly) came to the door many, MANY times and knocked (while yelling MOM…DAD…). We simply returned her to her bed, set her up with some books and a reading light, said a prayer and bid her good night (repeatedly). About 30 minutes later she was fast asleep. Not too bad if you ask me and last night was even better (I think the NEW BED, rather than just a mattress was a big part of that!). I’m sure it will take a few more nights of teaching Ava ‘Big Girl Bed Etiquette’ but overall I really feel like this has been a positive transition. Another huge reminder that our baby girl is growing up… but what a joy to experience it with her every step of the way!