“Don’t you put words in people’s mouths. You put turkey in people’s mouths.” -Joey

Our Thanksgiving started bright and early!  Ava was on a mission to help us get Noelle up, breakfast made and our picnic set up in the living room all before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started!  We did it!

With our stomach’s rumbling and we headed over to PaPa JoJo’s house for a Thanksgiving Feast!  (Our first one since Ava was 6 weeks old…)

Elle missed the family Thanksgiving picture so we’ll just give her her own!  Such a sweetie (who I’m just sure has dimples buried deep, deep in those beautiful cheeks!)!

Yum! Yum! Yum!  It was just as delicious as I was imagining!

Kev had one good looking plate 🙂

Though mostly content to chew rings, Elle did enjoy some sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes!

These guys went to town on the dirty dishes… I think they just REALLY wanted it to be dessert time!

My picture taking abilities are terrible when it comes to food, but the pies we made were delightful! Added bonus: we made both crusts Gluten Free so, I will be enjoying the left-overs for many meals in the coming days!

Pumpkin Cream… a home run!  I will call myself a Pumpkin Pie convert 🙂  Well, as long as it’s this Pumpkin Cream Pie!

Great Nana and Great Grandpa and the lovelies!

What Thanksgiving Day would be complete with out naps…

…and a FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode!

We are so very blessed!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween Elle Bear and Sally The Cat!

I truly don’t love Halloween… I never have.  As a kid (well besides a few years that I was a princess and MANY years being Peter Pan) I kind of dreaded this holiday.  Dressing up as someone/something else just wasn’t my thing.  I’d like to say that I’m a girl who likes to put on crazy make-up and wear a truly convincing and out-there costume… I’m not.  I have always been a very fair weather Halloweener,  I like to get all pretty and put on a dress and call it a night- I can totally relate to Rachel from Friends when she shows up to Chandler and Monica’s Halloween party:

Monica: What are you?
Rachel Green: I am a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress because pretty soon, she won’t be able to fit into it.

I’m so glad my daughter isn’t like me!  She hatched a Halloween costume weeks ago and couldn’t wait to pull off her look!  Not only did Ava want to be a cat, she wanted to be a Black Ballerina Cat with a Collar AND a Bell, with a Nose AND Whiskers whose name was Sally!  Ha Ha!

I am truly surprised at how much fun our usually shy girl had.  Though the night started out a little slow, once she got the hang of trick-or-treating and got a few candies and whoopie pies down the hatch she was shrieking with the best of us each time the doorbell rang with trick-or-treaters!

Sally and Elle 🙂

Sweetest little bear in the world!

Loving her costume!

At PaPa JoJo's for some Halloween fun!

Lyn and the animals!

Yo Keva anyone? (maybe just maybe we thought that carving Ava's pumpkin with the Yo Keva logo might give us an edge in the Pumpkin Carving contest...and glitter makes everything better, right?!)

Our awesome owl pumpkin (in our humble opinion)!

Ready to go!!! (thanks Aunt Stacy for the cute pumpkin bag!)

"Trick-or-Treat!" Her soft little voice was so sweet... it got louder and louder as the night went on!

7 houses later! Wow, people give out way bigger handfuls than when I was little!

"Ava, is that Crunch n' Munch?" Dang, wish I had a costume 🙂

Our very own circus animal (ha!) who entertained us between trick-or-treaters!

We missed you this weekend Dad! Glad you made it home for Halloween!

What a wonderful Panini Party we had!

Look how big our baby is! 5 months today!

The final line-up for the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! We forced all of my parents neighbors to vote for their favorite pumpkin before Sally would give them candy... Any idea who won? (hint: it wasn't us)

What a fun Day!  Pumpkin carving, whoopie pies making, pumpkin seed cooking, dressing up, candy eating, harassing trick-or-treaters trying to get votes for our pumpkins, laughing with people we love… I think that experiencing this crazy holiday with my girls might just change my mind about Halloween!  Who knows, I might even try out a crazy costume in the years to come 😉

Easter 2010

What a Blessed Easter we had!  Lovely brunch, Great nap, Yummy dinner… grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, BEAUTIFUL spring weather- we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate our Risen Savior!