Sor’n… What the heck?!?

Ok… So I’m afraid our “clever” blog title might not have come off the way we planned. Are you all confused? We were going for a play on the word Soar AND “Sor”enson… As you all know Kurt’s love for airplanes and well- flying in general far far surpasses LOVE- so we thought it was a fitting name for our family blog. As I look at it I keep seeing Sor’n High- like some weird new High School- I’m a little obsessive though, so there’s a chance I’m the only one who viewed it this way initially and now everytime all of you see it that’s what you will think of- GREAT! I’m afraid it’s too late to go back now so Sor’n it is… hmmm maybe I should have punctuated it differently… or spelled it differently… AHHHH- I’m done thinking about it, it’s too late- BUT now you know what we were going for 😉