From Bethany Beach to Hanna

July was one crazy month! First we got to go on a wonderful beach vacation in Bethany Beach, Delaware for a week with the Herig and Harney crew and then we got to spend some time in Indiana being a part of the Sun/Bowser Wedding! It was such an exciting and wonderful few weeks… and then we came home… to a busted computer. If I felt out of the loop on vacation- try to imagine having no contact with all of your internet buddies (facebook, blogspot, gmail) when you get back home! I feel beyond out of the loop at this point, but so thrilled to finally have a new computer and contact with my friends (who I’m sure didn’t even know I was gone)… In an attempt to catch everyone up, here are some pictures from our great summer vacations:

The Girls (JoJo, Ava, Dani, Lisa, Kelsey, Jordan and Kayla)

The Dudes (Kurt, Kevin, Tug, Jack and Bruce)

WaWa Wim (swim)- Ava’s favorite part of the whole trip

Walkin’ down the boardwalk with Dad

Bagel with Cream Cheese (kept her occupied for close to an hour every day)

Ava wasn’t so much a fan of the beach so she spent her time in the baby pool sans wawa

My version of working out during the trip (and since…)

And Kurt’s version…

Ava and PaPa having fun in the pool… “Dad, are you spitting water at her?!?”

Ava’s first taste of crab…I guess she liked it cause she kept asking for more

Bring on the Sunshine

“DaDa Nermaid” -Ava really loved this and reminded us all about 1 millions times about dada’s few minutes as a Mermaid

JoJo trying to show Ava that the ocean water is fun… didn’t work if the ocean water was still in the ocean

Kev playing a show at Coconuts, a cute little beach bar in Ocean City

I think we’re ready to move to the beach (well Kurt and I are- we’re still working on Ava)

And on to Indiana!

I love this one- I think he’s feeling lucky!

Kurt and Jacko

She was such a beautiful bride! (I felt so honored that she asked me to be her Matron of Honor AND that she trusted me to do her hair and makeup!)

David and Ava- friends since the first time they met! (Kurt and I feel the same way)

Ava and the Princess (she really thought Jackie was a princess)
Sarah, Jessie and D

Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Dress, Beautiful Wedding

June Birthdays!

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!
D and Jo
“Happy 51st!”
JoJo and Ava at… where else… SAVOY!
The Gang (minus Mitch) 😉
Beautiful and Yummy edible bouquet from Mitch!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Grandpa, Jess, Brody and Ava
Sandbox Fun
I don’t think that’s enough candles…
Ava and Brody’s favorite part of the evening… they each got their own piece of Birthday Ice Cream Pie!!!
Thanks for being born parents! We had such a fun and crazy week celebrating your birthdays!