a baby shower

I was blessed to be invited to share in the baby showering of my sis-in-law Jess this weekend!  If you don’t know Jess, you should meet her.  Her smile is huge and inviting and her heart is even bigger.  As we all gathered around the living room to offer a quick prayer before we snacked and mingled, I witnessed the most amazing outpouring of love.  What was in my mind surely going to be a 15 second blessing over the food turned into woman after beautiful woman praying, encouraging and loving Jess and the sweet boy in her tummy.  I was pushed to tears as I listened to this diverse and unconnected group of family and friends – young and old – as they offered prayers and praise for the young mom we were all there to celebrate.  My heart swelled as I looked at this sister of mine humbly accepting the esteem of so many.  Jess, you are an amazing woman.  A spiritual inspiration.  God is using you. Using you just as you are to bring others closer to Him.
This shower was so special, filled to the brim with love and excitement over this baby.  Baby P, you are a long awaited miracle in our family and we are already fighting over squeezing you.
She’s got that glow, don’t cha think?
So many thoughtful details…Yummy food and drink in a lovely home… Oh, and I tried a Keurig for the first time.  I want one. BAD.

Jess, you did great opening your mountain of gifts!  I remember sweating profusely and maybe even shedding a tear or two at my shower during gift time 😉

Diaper cakes.  I am so baffled and intrigued by them.  My goal is to make one before the year is out.

Alright dude, at least 5 more weeks and you’re free to join us!  Can’t wait!

30 Weeks DOWN!

Can’t believe it’s already been thirty weeks!  This is a pregnancy milestone I’ve been pushing for since day one and I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s come and gone…It really does feel like we’re in the home stretch now and that before we know it we will be driving home with our new baby!  At our 30 week midwife appointment this week we learned that I passed the glucose test with flying colors (!)-no gestational diabetes here… that my iron levels are low (I’ve eaten 3 hamburgers since… not sure if that’s exactly what they meant by “fortify your diet with iron rich foods”), I’ve gained a little over 18 pounds (Kurt’s gained a little over 15…so in our “biggest gainer” contest looks like I’m still in the lead!), Baby S’s heart rate is holding steady in the 140’s and I”m measuring right at 30 weeks with another ‘sunny side up’ baby (hopefully that little sweetie will find comfort in the correct birthing position in the coming weeks)!

My mom also threw me a beautiful baby shower this week!  What a wonderful way to make a grumpy, uncomfortable mom feel so loved!  It was a fun evening of friends and family, games, great food and wonderfully generous gifts!  It was a night that made it all too real that we really have a tiny little baby on the way SOON!  We are getting so excited for it all but mostly to put to rest the constant debate over whether the baby is a HE or a SHE!!!