And, we have a “Big Girl”!

Last Friday Ava ‘decided’ it was time for big girl undies… This wasn’t completely out of the blue, we’ve been living in a sense of ‘potty awareness’ for the past year or so, but this was DEFINITELY not a decision I was willing or ready to make for our family.  To be honest, diapers=easy for me and I was a little reluctant to say bye-bye to the convenience of them.  We’d had a handful of days (more like hours) when Ava attempted to wear big girl undies- these days were marked by lots of bribery, a few successful pee’s in the pot and a few accidents that usually ended with Ava in tears and asking for a diaper.  As of last Friday, it had probably been a month or so since our last undie experience. That day, when I walked in to say good morning, Ava’s greeting was, “I want to wear these.”  Though kind of excited and curious what had prompted her sudden need for Ariel underwear on that particular morning, I was slightly less than enthusiastic to try them out.  That happened to be the day that I was taking my 28 week glucose test and the idea of being at the hospital lab for 2 hours with a toddler trying to control her bladder for the first time in public was less than appealing.  Much to my delight my fears turned out to be unfounded and unnecessary!  I guess when people kept telling me that I’d know when she was ready, they knew what they were talking about.  It has been over a week now and with the exception of ‘sleeping time’ we have an underwear wearing- potty using little girl.  The only bribe we used on that first day was the offer for a trip to Baskin Robbins if she managed to poop in the potty… I could show you all the picture I sent to Kurt at work that Friday afternoon OR I could just show you this one:

Great Job Ava Girl!