Cheese or Dancing…

Tonight Ava couldn’t decide between eating her shredded cheese (one of her favorite afternoon snacks) and dancing. In the end, smart girl that she is, she ate her cheese AND danced!


Month End Review

April, just like most months has ended before we even really got our heads around it. But here are a few… April memories, old favorites, new favorites and the beginnings of some new adventures:

Asper Kourt Cd Release Party at Kelly’s!

This is the famous Ava Smooch Face… very cute and sweet BUT she’s starting to try to smooch EVERY new friend she makes (kids AND their parents/grandparents at the park, grocery store cashiers, friendly waitresses)… I think we need to work on that!

We were so happy to see Mitch for Easter!

Ava seems to know exactly when I’m eating ice cream… she comes running into the room with this face as soon as the bowl is scooped!
We discovered that Ava likes getting her hair done! She got her first blow out (by mom) and likes to wear these Velcro rollers around the house 😉

Dancing with Kev at Matt And Chandra’s Wedding! Oh and Ava Loves Dancing with the Stars… go figure!

The latest Adventure= Potty Training!
Not really- Ava likes her little potty, standing in it, sitting on it, even fake pushing and wiping but she doesn’t seem to have any real use for it besides giving us some great pictures, film footage and some good laughs!