Vegas Update

Kev with his $100 chip after playing roulette . . . Kurt with his $25 chip! 🙂

Walking to Treasure Island after dinner in Paris!

Partying down the strip!

Firefly Bar in downtown Vegas!

Kurt & Mitch watching the Freemont Street show.

Picture time with newly made friends at the Mandalay Bay tram station!

Mink coats at the Minus 5 Lounge!!

Morning after breakfast at the Hash House . . . so much food!

Lounging by the pool at Treasure Island!

Our view for most of Saturday afternoon . . . 🙂

Trying to get ready for Cirque du Soleil!

A GREAT trip to Vegas for Kev's 21st birthday!!


Spring Break 2010

My parents blessed us with a WONDERFUL Spring Break vacation in San Diego last week!  It was a week filled with family, NEW family (congrats again Mitch and Lyn), Sea World, California friends, shopping, food and beach fun!  It was perfect sunny spring weather and a great break for all of us!

At the Airport Ready to get going!

Ava spent most of the flight memorizing the Sea World Map

This was the first, but not only time 2 of the brothers ended up in the same shirt 🙂

Mitch and Lyn surprised Kurt some ‘funfetti’ cupcakes for a late birthday celebration

Our family of pyros had a blast burning EVERYTHING we could find in our beach bonfire

Mom and Ave getting ready for Sea World

2 more bro’s wearing the same shirt…

“Let’s go inside!”

Smart Phone Tutorial

The Moms (JoJo and Alene)

San Diego Crew

Our Sorenson Fam- Ava wasn’t really feelin’ it. “No pictures please!”

This is how much of the Shamu Show that Kurt and Ava saw

Shamu! Shamu!

Ava got so worked up and freaked out by the Shamu intro that Kurt had to take her out… this is how we found her when the rest of us left the show

Ava’s (and maybe Kurt’s) favorite part of the day

Ava got soaked… but had so much fun!

“Your turn…” (to everybody in the group)

Say a little prayer and hope the water doesn’t land on your head as you run through… we all made it out pretty dry!

Apparently only the front 2 seats on this ride get soaked!

The boys showing off the poses of the new SeaWorld uniforms! I think there were other people taking pics of this that weren’t even in our group 🙂

Having fun with a HUGE magnifying glass!

Holy Cow- biggest fish I’ve ever seen!

Ava after the Abby  Cadabby Tea Cup Ride (notice the nice, normal complexion of Ava’s face . . . Kurt’s was green)

So much fun . . . 🙂

The parents and the betrothed (Mitch, Jo, Tug, Lynley, Alene and John)

Kurt and me at Yardhouse

Ava eating Mac and Cheese for the 300th 3rd time in 3 days… yikes!

Ava- every chance she got

Kayla Mae helping Ava get used to the sand

Boys getting ready for the 60 degree ocean

Wet suits = Yoga poses

The beautiful Del Mar beach on Camp Pendleton (this was the view from right out our back door!)

Ocean Fun (that lasted a whole 10 minutes)

John gave a great toast to kick off the engagement

Best Man!

The aftermath of the disaster that was Ava on the flight home!

(We threw away her empty TCBY yogurt cup- she started throwing a HUGE fit- snot started running down her face-I tried to wipe it which led to meltdown #2, so I gave her my eyeshadow and a makeup brush- she put it all over her face, then I showed her herself in the mirror(bad move mom)- freak out #3 started, so I gave her a wipe- while attempting to clean herself up she passed right out for the duration!)

So much fun but after this flight we were SO ready to be home!

Asper Kourt in San Franscisco

San Francisco Bay

I hope no one minds, but I have taken over Dani’s blogspot for one post to share Asper Kourt’s trip to San Francisco last week. It’s my first blog attempt so you all can just keep your constructive criticisms to yourself . . . 🙂

So, as a band, this has been on our radar for about the last year! I think I remember the first time our lead guitarist, Nate Boitano, said that his uncle (Brian Boitano) might like to have us on his new cooking show (on the FOOD NETWORK!) sometime. We were all  really hoping that it would work out  but, being  fairly used to big things like this never coming to fruition we tried not to get our hopes up.  Much to our surprise and excitement, during a show in Angel Fire about a month ago, Nate received an email from Uncle B asking if we were available to shoot an episode of his show in early March! Ummm, SHYEAHH!!!! Nate worked out all the details and we flew out to San Fran to film the last episode of the 2nd season of The Food Network’s “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” I’m sure this goes without saying but we had such a blast. We were picked up in a limo from the airport and the first class service never stopped the whole trip. Aside from getting to film the episode for the show, we all got our own hotel rooms, we got to go see a great band, Barcelona, perform at Slim’s, and we all got to shoot the breeze with the 1988 Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Gold Medal Winner. We all agreed that the Friday we spent in San Fran shooting the episode was the best day, as a band, we had ever had! Here are some pics for all the things we got to do:

Flying out to San Fran!

Ben and Jerry's at Haight and Ashbury

"What Would Brain Boitano Make?"

Tomato Jam Combined with Italian Chicken!

Instead of Abbey Road, this is Polk St.

Barcelona Performing at Slim's!

That's a Wrap!