meet our new nephew and cousin

Rhett Axel Prochnow

Born: 8-11-2011
9 Pounds 14 Ounces
Brand New.  Everyone wanted to be touching him at all times.
Ava was in heaven.  A real little baby.  Just her size.
Crashed Out (during the day only, from what we’ve heard).
So tiny and perfect.  What a gift!
Can’t believe he’s a whole week old.  Keep growing sweet boy, we are so excited to know you!


I was just getting ready to post this pic
but instead I get to post this one
It took me a day too long to get on the ball.  I don’t even care.  We are so excited to welcome this new little boy bundle into our family. Thank you for being prompt little man.
P.s.  your mom did an amazing job getting you here, thank her someday.